What is Brazilian Keratin ?

It is a hair treatment that transforms the hair in its entirety. The advanced process is keratin based; keratin is the primary protein of the skin, hair and nails. This natural substance gives hair the ability to return to its original healthy, shinny, smooth and conditioned state.
The treatment straightens the hair without any damage. The treatment can be applied on all types of hair such as virgin hairs and chemically treated hairs.
The application process takes anywhere from 1  to 2 hours to be completed depending on the length and the thickness of the hair. After the product is applied,it is sealed with a 450' F(230' C) flat iron.This procedure traps moisture, hydrates the hair and creates a glossy finish. Results are immediately visible after hair treatment is complete.
Maintaining the hair after the process is effortless.The amount of time required to style the hair will decrease substantially. In most cases it is wash-and-go. No more frizzy hair!!!

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