The results last between 3 to 5 months. As you repeat the hair treatment you will observe the improved quality of hair.

Extreme Renewal

Maximum Strength Smoothing Treatment


  • Maximum smoothing, curl reduction and shine.
  • Superior curl reduction, shine and smoothing.
  • Best for the most resistant and unruly hair types.


  • Silk Amino Acid: Bonds to keratin in the hair creating a layer of protection against moisture loss.
  • Organic Shea Butter Extract: Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, provides exceptional moisturizing and healing properties.
  • Aloe Leaf Juice: High in amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals help to strengthen and condition.
  • Collagen: Rich in amino acids, bonds to hair to improve strength and elasticity.

Q. What is a Keratherapy Renewal Treatment?

A. Keratherapy Renewal Treatments renew and transform all hair types into silky, soft, shiny hair for weeks to months, depending on the formula. All Keratherapy Renewal Systems:

  • smooth the hair
  • eliminate frizz
  • repel humidity
  • reduce curl
  • Improve vibrancy and durability of color
  • speed blow-dry time by 50% or more
  • Speed flat iron time 50% or more
  • Dramatically improve shine, condition & manageability

Q. Are Keratherapy Renewal Treatments permanent?

A. No. Hair will eventually revert to its natural texture as the treatment eventually leaves the hair.

Q. Who are these treatments for?

A. Any client who wants shinier, smoother, healthier hair or wants to dramatically improve the condition and texture of their hair. All clients are potential Keratherapy clients.

Q. How long does it take for a complete service?

A. Depending on the Treatments used, it will take between 1-2 hours to complete a Keratherapy Renewal Treatment. 

Q. What is the result of the treatment?

A. Wavy hair will be straight; curly/frizzy hair will be smoother with elimination of frizz and dramatically faster blow dry, ironing or overall finishing time. Subsequent blow dry time will be cut up to 50% or more. Straightening is a breeze with a blow dryer & brush or flat iron. Consecutive treatments will have an increasing smoothing and straightening effect

All clients will leave with straight, sleek hair due to the final flat-iron process. After clients shampoo, some curl will most likely remain but will be frizz-free and can be straightened with minimal effort.

Q. How long will the treatments last?

A. The durability of the treatments is based on several factors, including chemical history of the client, condition and texture of the hair at time of treatment, proper application, proper aftercare, etc. Our Extended Treatments generally last 3-5 months.

Q. How frequently can a client get a treatment?

A. As often as necessary, as long as there is no breakage in the hair. Nothing chemically prevents frequent treatments, but the hair needs to be able to withstand the high iron temperatures. 

Q. What about pregnant or breastfeeding clients & Stylists?

A. It is generally NOT recommended to perform services of this type on these clients as no clinical testing has been to determine any potential hazards. Consult a physician before receiving or applying these treatments.

Q. Are Keratherapy Renewal Treatments safe for highlighted, bleached, grey, relaxed, damaged hair? A.  For all hair, the #1 consideration for Keratherapy treatments is the porosity of the hair, and its ability to withstand the high heat of flat irons necessary for these treatments to work. If hair is “fried” or breaking, do not perform the service. The only thing that can damage the hair in this treatment is the heat of the iron, so it is critical that you diagnose the degree of porosity prior to the service.

Q. Can hair color be applied after a Keratherapy Renewal Treatment?

A. Yes, but it is recommended to wait 2 weeks.

Q. Can Renewal Treatment be applied directly after a color?

A. Extreme Renewal can be done immediately after a color service. 

Q. What is KERABOND Technology?

A. A Keratin delivery system that penetrates and bonds the keratin deep into the hair, while sealing the cuticle layer to provide superiorsmoothing, superior frizz control, superior shine and superiorconditioning.

Q. Do Keratherapy Renewal Treatments contain formaldehyde?

A. Extreme Renewal, Intense Renewal and Color Lock & Smooth contain methylene glycol, a mixture of formaldehyde and water. Pure Renewal and Express Renewal are 100% formaldehyde free. All Keratherapy Treatments are OSHA compliant. Consult MSDS for more information.

Q. What is the minimum recommended age for a client to receive a Keratherapy Renewal Treatment?

A. 12 years of age is minimum. However, any client who has a history of respiratory sensitivities, contact dermatitis, asthma or allergic reactions should consult a physician before receiving any salon treatment, regardless of age.

Q. How soon can clients wash their hair or use hair products?

2 days after the treatment.